Bandelettes Dolce Elastic Lace Thigh Bands, ...

January 27, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Very impressed Wow. I had sort of decided these weren’t going to work before I got them, but for me, they actually do! I’ve worn then twice now and am generally impressed. Downsides: during some particularly vigorous dancing, one of them did start to fall down and I had to hike it up mid dance to avoid an embarrassment. The second time I wore them, I ended up with a slight irritation/rash on one leg, I’m not sure if from the rubber, or from that bit of my thighs chafing. However, that said, the fact that I…

Anonymous says:

Arrived glued together. One of the two bands had a cardboard lining in the packet so it was fine to put on. For great and would probably do the job, but the second one was completely folded in on itself so the self adhesive adhered to itself and when I tried to open the band to wear it, the adhesive actually ripped off.Can’t be worn. Sending back. What a shame.

Anonymous says:

Does what it needs to but a little loose Despite measuring accurately, the bandelettes I ordered in black were too large. They got ok at the top, but the bottom is rather loose. However, they are comfortable to wear, didn’t roll up or down and still stayed in place and did the job they needed to do. I probably wouldn’t trust them if I was going out for the day, but they’ve been ok for short trips. I also purchased the smaller size in another colour and they fit much better.

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